Monday, March 19, 2007

RAFT 1 Tri 3

For my spring break I stayed in Minnesota and slept in and overall relaxed. I slept in until the time I wanted and then when I finally woke up I got to play video games and just hang around the house. I also got to hang out with friends and i got to go to a movie and had a sleep over with my friends that i haven't seen in a while. I also got to have a fun day out with my dad going to out to eat and going bowling. Near the end of break i got to go to church and see my friends and I also got to help move some stuff into the house and hang with my step sister. I am looking forward to tri three and was actually kind of excited to come into school today because I was getting bored not doing anything all day. I expect that this tri should be a fun one and a very good way to end my 2nd year in high school.