Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation #8

Deplomacy with iran 'appears to be working,' Gates says- ELM

Although previous attempts to stop Irans nuclear program ran into trouble, but now attempts to negotiate with iran might actually be working. The talks were hampered by Irans taking of british hostages, but now seem to be back on track. The talks were also hampred by the fact that iran my be selling weapons to Iraqi insergents. Gates says the soultion may just be to open up trade and try to settle problems in the middle east.

Annotation #7

Head of the world nuclear body intervied- Proquest

Bin-Jiddu said that the middle east should be allowed to create nuclear weapons. he said that Iran has nuclear military capability but it just doesn't realize it. Iran has stated that theirt nuclear program is for the peaceful reasons and will not use then for nuclear weapons. The article closes by saying that Iran is not the only one getting hassled by the world, north korea is also getting the same problems.

Annotation #6

North Korea agrees to Nuclear Disarmament-SIRS

North korea has agreed to disarm their main nuclear reactor and begin to disarm their nuclear weapons program. From this agreement North Korea will recive a lot of oil and other resources. America and N Korea are now trying to reastablish relations and are looking to restart trade. This is also the case with many other countries including Japan and russia.

annotation #5

Nuclear and Strategic policy- EBSCO

After the cold war many other countries begain to develop nuclear weapons, it is predicted that by 2012 the US and Russia will have over 5000 nuclear bombs each. Now people are forced to figure out a stratagey for dealing witht the world today and trying to rid the world of nuclear weapons. The US must also dicide weather or not to update their nuclear weapons, in which some parts date back to WW2.

Annotation #4

Whats Iran thinking- EBSCO

Twice now in the past hundred years Iran has taken hostages and top ranking oficals are getting worried. But unknowen the the general public is a report from the international Atomic agency, which stated that Iran was developing Uranium. In fact it satated that Iran would have enough to make a nuclear wepon by 2009. Ammbassetors are now saying that Iran is ready to talk and possablity prevent another hostage crsis.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Annotation #3

North Korea Withdraws from the Nuclear Non- Proliferation treaty- From SIRS

In 2003 North Korea tested what may have been their first nuclear weapon, this bomb was one tenth of the US's second nuclear bomb. North Korea also has been testing long range missiles, which is making that countries that border it nervous. Although china and other countries are annoyed they keep friendships with NK, except for Iran which is comdeming NK's nuclear program. Although NK has said that they do not mean harm, many people are scared and are asking for a solution.

Annotation #2

Iran-From SIRS

After the war in the 198o's between Iraq and Iran, tensions between the US and Iran has been high. Because of this knowledge of Iran's nuclear programs are very important to the US government. According to the IAEA at Iran's nuclear facilities, Iran has no nuclear weapons. But many believe that Iran may be building some secret ficilities in which they may be developing nuclear weapon technology. Also the lack of main stream media coverage has lead to the lack of the world knowing what is really going on

Friday, April 20, 2007

Annotation #1

An International Man of Mystery- From ELM

In 2006 an explosion was set of under a mounton in North Korea, it was suspected to be a nuclear test. This was a surprise to many as North Korea had said that they were stopping all uranium production in 1994. Thanks to this test many countries have become worried about a threat coming from North Korea. Another problem comes from the selling of missiles to other countries that have nuclear weapons. North Korea, although very secretive in everything they do, has been said to be selling missiles to Iran and Israel.